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New spa- & apartments located in beautiful surroundings right by the ocean and close to the preserved natural habitat of Hvaler Rectory.
  • Vacation apartments for private and corporate entities
  • Seminar- and conference center
  • Meetings for planning, conducting board meetings and annual meetings
  • Anniversary

Four well-equipped apartments, each with four bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and two bathrooms. The apartments have a Jacuzzi or a steam shower, a fireplace, wireless internet, telephone and television. The resort includes its own spa with a heated indoor swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, and steam shower. The large natural habitat is excellent for recreation, trips, relaxation, peace, and nature experiences. The facilities are located only 200 meters from the ocean and include one of Hvaler’s best beaches!

For private individuals and families

You may rent a vacation apartment in the middle of the summer paradise with all necessary comfort at Hvaler Resort! The facilities are located by one of Hvaler’s best gently sloping beaches, which is very child-friendly. You may rent a boat for fishing. It is a perfect place for recreation. The apartments consist of two floors, with 4 bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor, and a kitchen, living room, bathroom with a Jacuzzi or steam shower, and a washing machine and a dryer on the first floor. The apartments are each 100 m2. and include a TV with a satellite, and internet access with broadband. You have free access to the spa and swimming pool area. Additionally, the resort includes an outdoor play area. The apartments do not include house keeping services.

For corporate entities and organisations

Hvaler Resort is ideal for conducting planning and strategy meetings, seminars, small conferences and meetings. The facilities support a well-equipped conference room. Additionally, a large kitchen is included, and the use of the spa area.

Each apartment consists of 4 bedrooms, 2 rooms with single beds, and 2 rooms with family beds.

Separate spa facilities

The spa facilities are located in their own comfortable area. Here, it is possible to relax for body and soul. Warm with respect to degrees, light, and materials. In the spa facilities, you may feel like “a king for a day”. The spa facilities consist of a heated indoor swimming pool with a hot tub, steam shower, sauna, showers, changing rooms, and a sitting area with a TV.

The spa facilities may be rented separately to organisations, etc.

Vacation apartment for companies

With us, you may rent your vacation apartment in the middle of the summer paradise with spa, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam shower, and sauna. Beautifully located only about 200 meters from one of Hvaler’s best beaches!

Companies, parties, organisations, etc. may rent the apartments, for use by employees, gatherings, anniversaries, and to conduct meetings, seminars, conferences, board meetings and annual meetings. The company may write off the expense.

Inspiring surroundings.

With calm peace, modern technology, an excellent place to stay, beautiful nature, short distance (about 1 km) to golf courses and tennis courts, and bikes and boats to use, this should be an excellent opportunity to recharge your batteries and prepare to commence your tasks with new strength. Inspiration and new ideas are a bonus!

Dinner reservations

Hvaler Resort cooperates with other food facilities on Hvaler. We have entered into cooperation with Lene Strøm and Øystein Elgheim at Hvaler Gjestgiveri, which is located a couple of minutes away from Hvaler Resort by car. Their seven dish dinner with a great selection of wines is an experience in itself.

”I no longer make menus. I make seven dishes every day from the products Hvaler has to offer. It has to be on the conditions of the Islands, a lot of fish and game dishes. We are living in the middle of it,” he says. The food is beautifully simple, and always an excellent experience.

Restaurants, cafés, bakeries, and shops are located a short walk from us.

Fishing and recreation.

Beautiful nature and only 200 meters from the ocean!

With a 15 foot open boat with a 40 Hp engine available (must be booked in advance), a large freezer of 72 litres in the apartment. You are well placed to catch much fish! Ocean fishing is free.

The resort is a part of the protection plan of the Oslo fjord and is located next to Hvaler Rectory and its large protected nature. The place and location is perfect for recreation, rest, and peace. You can charge your batteries here!

Bikes are also available, and Hvaler offers much to bikers. The atmosphere, the nature, and the peace you may find on the paths give time to philosophical moments with new thoughts and ideas. And you may experience how the creativity opens you.

Some of Hvaler’s early history

Sigurd Slembe was raised at Guttorm (Guthormr) or Sådegyrd Bårdsson (Sáðagyrðr Bárðarson) in Trøndelag. When his father was killed in 1136, Sigurd was made king at Eyrating. At the same time, his brothers Inge and Magnus were made kings and co-rulers. Theyr armies united against Sigurd Slembe and his allies, the former king Magnus the blind. This was dominated the early part of the governing period of Sigurd. They were beaten in the battle on Hvaler in 1139. After this, a period of peace existed. You will still feel this peace when you arrive…


Østfold is rich with culture, which was created after the inland ice was removed for about 10.000-12.000 years ago. The county is especially rich with rock drawings from the Bronze Age and burial places from the Iron Age, and there are traces after people, who lived here about 10.000 years. Among the newer attractions are the Fredriksten fortress in Halden, where the Swedish king Karl 12. fell in 1718. The old town in Fredrikstad, which was founded in 1567, is the best saved fortress cities in the Nordic Countries.

Hotel, Holiday home, B&B, Fishermen`s Cabin, "Rorbu", Cabin, Caravan camp, SPA, open all year around.
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Hvaler Resort Ørekroken
Johan E Svendsen
Postboks 709
NO-1509 MOSS
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Sandbakken, Skjærhalden
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